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Admission Policy

Admission to Kankakee Community College is open to graduates of accredited high schools and recipients of the General Educational Development certificate (GED). Those who have not completed high school may be granted admission by special permission. Admission to the college does not ensure admission to selective admission programs or limited enrollment courses. Students may be required to enroll in specific courses based upon assessment scores and/or previous academic background.

There is no general application fee.

If you already have an application for admission on file, do not complete this online application unless you have not attended in the last three years. If you have not attended in the last three years, you must complete this online application to reactivate your file.

Admission Procedures

After reading the instructions, please fill out the online application as thoroughly as possible. When you are finished, click the 'SUBMIT' button on the left column of any application screen. Print the application agreement statement that appears after you submit your application.
Degree-Seeking Student
This online application should be completed well in advance of the expected starting date. Admission to the college will be final after all credentials are received and assessment requirements are met.

Official transcripts should be sent directly to the Office of Admissions and Registration from your final high school and all colleges attended. Official GED score reports (if applicable) should be sent directly from the appropriate GED center/agency. College transcripts will be evaluated for acceptable transfer credit, if the student has declared a curriculum/major and is seeking a degree/certificate. Currently enrolled high school students must have an official transcript sent after graduation from high school. High school transcripts sent prior to graduation will be used for preliminary evaluation.

Assessment tests and high school and/or college academic background verification are required for most programs of study.
Nondegree-Seeking Student
This online application must be completed and submitted. When asked to indicate a major, please choose "Undergraduate Nondegree."

Official high school and college transcripts are not required for nondegree-seeking students. Unofficial transcripts may be needed as proof that pre-requisites have been met.

Assessment tests are required for certain courses (English and mathematics) and may be required for other reasons.
Special Admission Procedures
Transfer Program Applicants
Students applying for admission to a transfer program, which leads to an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree, must meet admission requirements by completing high school courses in specific subject categories. Students not meeting a requirement will be identified as having a deficiency. Alternate ways to satisfy the requirements are through assessment or college-level coursework in the appropriate area.

Official high school and college transcripts (if any) are required for evaluation and documentation of previous academic records. Assessment testing is required if the student is planning to enroll in a transfer program.

Health Career Applicants
Most health programs at Kankakee Community College use a selective admission process which requires a special application in addition to this online application. Requests are taken for this special application in Student Services. The instructions must be followed carefully. Students are required to provide credentials and meet published deadlines for providing all needed documentation, including assessment scores.

Veterans must be degree-seeking students to be eligible to receive most types of veterans’ benefits. Veterans are required to have official college transcripts evaluated.

Veterans who are enrolling in programs related to their service training/experience should request official transcript documentation for evaluation. An official copy of the DD214 Armed Forces Report of Transfer or Discharge is required for U.S. Marines and U.S. Navy veterans. U.S. Army veterans must request official transcripts from AARTS Operation Center, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027-5073. U.S. Air Force veterans must request official transcripts from CCAF/RRRA, Maxwell AFB, AL 36112.

International Students
An additional application and other documents must be completed by international students. The forms are available from the assistant dean of student services.

Permanent resident students (green card) and nonimmigrant students may be required to provide additional documentation to verify status of residency.
Other Information
District 520 Residency
Financial Aid
Telephone Numbers
Kankakee Community College
100 College Drive
Kankakee, IL  60901
In-state telephone: 815-802-8508
Fax: 815-802-8101
Website: www.kcc.edu
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